martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

The right way to share a YouTube video in social networks...

... is to share a link to the video within a playlist.

Why is that? Very easy.

This is a screenshot that shows how this video looks like in watch page if I share its link
The videos in the red circle are other videos from my YouTube channel

Now, have a look at the same video shared within a playlist. The link would
The videos in the red circle are the same videos from my channel as in the previous screenshot. The difference is that they now have switched their place with the display ad, making those videos more likely to be noticed by the user and therefore more likely to be played.

This is very important because if a user is watching your video and then jumps to another video from your channel at least two positive things are happening.

The first one is your videos are getting your watch time (the metric that probably matters the most in YouTube). The second one is YouTube learns that after watching video A users are watching video B, both videos from your channel; and that will make more likely that whenever a users watches video A YouTube suggests video B as what to watch next to that user.

So, whenever you share a video, make sure you share the link to that video in one of your playlists.

Take care
Javier Arias González