lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Product pages should have product videos

I think is should be easy to everyone to understand why. They help you sell more.

Let me show you an example that I think it illustrates this point.

Moda y Pedal is a small Spanish ecommerce that sells clothes and complements for urban cyclists. One of their products is a plastic wallet specifically designed for cyclists, the Lockbox. I'm a keen urban cyclist so this is a product I could potentially be interested in.

In the typical ecommerce you would find a brief description of the product, a good set of images and a detailed description that would normally enumerate some of the characteristics of the wallet, including its measures and key features. The page would look something like this.

Moda y Pedal's Lockbox product page
There are several things that I don't like about this product page. In fact, without the video, it would be very unlikely that I would buy that product. I never had in my hands a Lockbox and its almost impossible for me to determine if it would be something that would be useful when I'm riding my bicycle.

Now, the beauty of this product page is the video you see just above the detailed description. It only a 1:41 video. Take a moment to watch it and I'll tell you what I like about it.

I like this video because it does a great job describing the product. As I said, I never had a Lockbox in my hands but now I have a pretty clear idea if this is the product I need or not. The video explains what is the product, what can be carried in a Lockbox and, also important, you get an idea of what you won't be able to carry on it, you get a perfect sense of how big it is and what is its main feature. I even like the nice touch of having no voice which make the video easy to understand to everyone no matter the language they speak. The only thing any cyclist would miss in this video is the weight of the product (I'm half joking here, cyclists in general are obsess with weight, but that is not the case of urban cyclist and I'm sure Lockbox does not weight that much anyway)

Moda y Pedal do this again and again. A portable removable mudguard. A 37 seconds video that is the perfect example of the say a picture worth a thousand words.

A waterproof socket? a 1 minute video, this time from the manufacturer, that does a great job illustrating how waterproof they are (wait until the last frames)

I think the point is clear. Product videos help you to sell. This is applicable to pretty much every product but it is critical if your product can't be easily found in the shops (like the Lockbox) or if you are trying to sell worldwide.

By the way Wiggle is one of the biggest ecommerce for cyclists but in their product page for those sockets they don't have the manufacturer video. Sometimes small retailers do things better than the big ones.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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