miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Someone is getting all wrong at the time of choosing his strategy to compete against the internet

Picture via this RT by +Antonio Ortiz 
Instead of putting a price for "just looking", why not trying to use that store traffic to your advantage?

As I argued in a similar case in the past 

"Instead of putting a sign to scare away customers who come just to try shoes and then buy them online, why not put a poster encouraging those who want to buy shoes over the Internet to come and try them at your shop.  
Make sure you have free wifi in your local, that they can order from your shop, even more, offer your store as delivery address so the visitor can pick up the parcel at your store. Of course encourage them to do check-in Foursquare, Google Places, Facebook Places and whatever Places service is out there. Encourage them to share geolocated photos of the shoes they are about to buy, to vc their friends to ask what they think, to tell the experience to everyone. Make the experience of going to your shop and trying shoes memorable.  
Just focus on bringing shoe buyers traffic to your store. Do not worry if some, or even most of them, end up buying their shoes on the Internet. Once you have that shoe buyers traffic, the really hard thing to get, you will figure out how to monetize it. You can sell exclusive handmade shoes, you can sell complements, take advantage of impulse buying, make price matching, rent shoes... 
Everything but scaring away potential costumers."
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Javier Arias González