jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Same Day Delivery is the new frontier for eCommerce

Amazon has Local Express Delivery

eBay offers Same-Day Delivery from local stores in San Francisco.

Walmart tests Same-Day Delivery

And now US Postal plans to launch experemental Same-Day Delivery in November, a service specially designed for e-commerce which means that the no so big players will be also able to offer Same-Day Delivery to their clients.

What do I see? The opportunity to replicate the same outside San Francisco and, specially, outside the US.

Same-Day Delivery is a local service so there is an opportunity to first movers to position themselves strategically in secondary markets.

Update 3/12/2012

Interesting article at The Wall Street Journal Order It Online, And… Voilà that includes same day delivery prices and costs.

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Javier Arias González