lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Universidades y el gol de Iniesta

"Según el reconocido ranking de Shanghai, España no tiene ni una sola universidad entre las doscientas mejores del mundo. Holanda tiene 9. Con gusto les cambiaba a nuestros vecinos de los Países Bajos el gol de Iniesta por 1 sola de esas universidades."
Jesús Fernández-Villaverde en el post Don Jerónimo González en el Siglo XXI 

Pues ya somos dos...

A cuidarse
Javier Arias González

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

You should never talk to police

I wonder what my lawyers and police officer friends think about this talk where a law school professor and former criminal defense attorney explain why you should never talk to the police.

I seems to me he makes a very valid case based mainly in one point "There is no way it [talking to the police] can help [you]"
"What you tell the police, even if it is exculpatory, cannot be used to help you at trial... everything you tell the police can, and will, be used against you, but it cannot be used for you." (see min 9:20)

I wonder what my lawyers and police officer friends think whether this also applies in Spain (it seems to me it applies) and what do they think about the idea the police officer has about Spanish police:
"...thank God we are in the Unite States because most interviews [between police and suspects] in Italy, Spain and so forth start up physically. There is no police abuse over there, they can do pretty much what they want, anytime they want, anyhow they want..." (min 28:00)
Appart from these points I think the video has lots of insights of how lawyers think and police works and conduct "interviews", don't miss the part of the police officer. It also shows a very interesting presentation technic (scenarios built on previous scenarios) and a great use of story telling.

Take care
Javier Arias González