lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Bye bye Microsoft Excel, bye bye

For many years you have been the killer application of all my computers.

I still remember the Wow!!! effect you had on me the first time I saw you accustomed as I was to Lotus 123.

You know I've been faithful for many years and I have been a fairly advanced user. I have used your most hidden functions, your pivot tables, I connected you to external databases, I have written macros and I have played with solver, views and scenarios.

Microsoft Excel documents were where I recorder everything, from my expenses to the kilometres I rode in my bicycle including my mortgage amortization plan. Those who know me know that I had excel spreadsheets for everything.

You have been, as I say, the killer application of all my computers. But as sooner or later happens to all stars you have reached the point where your light is off. You are not shining anymore.

Now I don't have any Microsoft Excel document and I have definitively removed you from my computer.

The killer application is now the browser, Google Chrome to be more precise, and what once were Microsoft Excel documents have become Google Spreadsheets documents.

I'm sure this does not comes as a surprise to you. You had seen plenty of signals. You have seen how the same has happened to Microsoft Word and you know that for months every new spreadsheet has been a Google Spreadsheet. Actually this didn't happen earlier because I was lazy migrating some of the documents I use more often.

Yes, it is true. You can do more than Google Spreadsheets; but the reality is I don't need anything that you can do and Google Spreadsheets can't.

Google Spreadsheets can do everything I need and also gives me the ability to access my documents from any device capable of running a browser (laptop, mobile, table, tv, etc); no matter what operative system they are running, not needing to install a client software (I don't even need an internet connection). Being able to give acces to my documents to anyone with a browser is ideal to share my documents with other people and to publish them on the internet. The fact that everyone with access to a document can edit it simultaneously is a welcome boost of productivity.

And finally, yes, the fact that Google Spreadsheets is free and you are not is also a big advantage, but, to be honest, once I have tried how well  Google Spreadsheets does work for me, I don't want you even if you were free.

Your are not shining any more. Bye bye Microsoft Excel, bye bye.

Take care
Javier Arias González

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