jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

WiFi at the hotel

Enough, I ran out of patience with hotels.

Today while checking-in at the hotel in Barcelona (NH Rallye) I realized the hotel had free WiFi in the lobby.

When I asked about the WiFi at the room the receptionist said that would cost me €10.60 every 24 hours.

As I wanted to work from the room I paid. The receptionist gave me a piece of paper with the username and password, and with the thought that the hotels take advantage when charging for WiFi I got to my room.

This is the poster I found in my room...

This is the paper the receptionist gave me...

The red highlight (which is mine) says: "Bandwidth: up to 256 kbit /s"

¿WHAAAT?  ¿256 kbit/s? This is the bandwidth I had at home years ago. I intend to work! How am I suppose to have a video conference?

Being almost mad about it I connected to the WiFi. Went to the browser, typed www.google.es, it got me to swisscom webpage, I introduced the username and the password and the browser poped-up a window. And I hate pop-ups....

The red highlight (which is mine) says: "Upload left / session: 49.26 (MB)"

¿WHAAATTT?  Are you going to cut my session when I had uploaded 50 megas? I INTENDED TO WORK!!!  I insist. How am I suppose to have a video conference?

In a state that you could describe as mad about it I tried to close the pop-up window and I got this message...

The red highlight (which is also mine) says:: "Please do not close! This window allows you to keep control of your Internet connection".

Really?. Am I suppose to have this pop-up windows opened for all the session?

This is becoming more than what I want to support

Got my mobile, connected to the WiFi, went to the browser, typed www.google.es and I'm redirected to this page...

No red highlighted needed, it is clear enough.

WHAAAT?  If I had bought the access from the mobile it would have cost me "only" €8.85? 17% cheaper of what I have paid at the reception? I could have done tethering with my mobile...

Look, you made me pay €10.60 to get WiFi access, your connection has a 256 kbits/s bandwidth, I can only upload up to 50Mb per session, you want me to have permanently opened a pop-up window and on top of all that if I had bought the service on my mobile it would had been "only" €8.85....

I ran out of patience, and I had plenty. It is time to retaliate:
  1. From now on I won't book any hotel room that does not include free WiFi unless it is manifestly impossible.
  2. If for any reason I end up in a hotel room that has no free WiFi, been because I could not find any other alternative, or being because it wasn't me the one that booked the room, the hotel will receive from me negative reviews in all applications (Foursquare, Google Latitud, etc) or web pages that ask for it (booking.com, etc).
You are warned...

Take care
Javier Arias González

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