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¿Business idea? Personalized menus

What is a personalized menu?
It is a menu with a specific number of calories, a menu that is suitable for a given type of allergy or a menu that follows a specific cooking procedure

Want to follow a diet? Are you a sportsman and you're in pre-season? Are you celiac? Allergic to lactose? How I can be sure that my diet is 1,800 calories? Vegetarian? Vegan? Do you want a kosher menu?

How does it work?

The business would be located in an area with high density of workers, a nearby gym there is usually a good indicator and even recommended.

The customer subscribes to her custom menu paying for a minimum period of one week and usually in monthly periods. The menu includes breakfast, midmorning, lunch, snack and (optional?) dinner.

The exact composition of the menu is decided by the business according to the restrictions of each custom menu.

The menu can be consumed on the premises or can be delivered to the workplace (provided it is in the same area). An example would be eat breakfast at the premises and you get mid-morning to be eaten at your workplace, get back for lunch and you get the snack to be eaten at your workplace, pass by when you are leaving and get your take away dinner.

No meals served if you are not subscribed. Dinners are always take away, not served on the premises.

  • Can get benefits of scale?
  • Better planning for raw material needs
  • You can take advantage of offers in the market at the time of designing menus
  • Clients are secured for specific periods of time
  • Can get benefits of scale?
  • Paying in advance for food is something new
  • Customer trips
  • Customer schedules
  • Certain allergies require double kitchen tools (celiac) or some menus will require specific methods of cooking (kosher)
  • The chef
  • The purchasing manager
  • Menu design. A software should be used to input all menu restrictions and generate guidelines on menu compositions. As the software would not know market prices guidelines should be necessarily general and the final decision would be made by the purchasing manager at the market
  • Nutritionist / Endocrine to design your menu as a function of your goals (lose weight, training, maintenance, etc)
  • Sign up survey to get a client profile of her tastes so they could be used at the time of designing her menu
  • Menu feedback application. If the client provides her feedback on each menu it will be considered for future menu configurations
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Take care
Javier Arias González

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