martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

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Javier Arias González

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Bye bye HSBC

Not sure if you really care but you just have lost a client.

Imposing me a "Personal Internet Banking Security upgrade" which ends up meaning that I should use an electronic device, provided by you, each time I want to make a bank operation in your website is beyond what I want to accept.

My relationship with you is mainly online; in fact I only go to one of your offices when you don't offer me a way of solving my request online.

Having an online relationship with you means I can acces my bank account from everywhere but this "Personal Internet Banking Security upgrade" means that I now have to take your device everywhere, and I can't.

There are only two things I carry with me everywhere, my wallet and my mobile phone and your device can't be carried in any of them. In one hand your device is as thick as four credit cards and my wallet is already too thick to afford the extra space needed (not to mention that I don't think it would survive for long if I tried to carry it in my wallet); in the other hand you don't have an application that I can install in my mobile phone so that's not an option either, and I don't understand why; a mobile application would have been more convenient for us, smartphone owners, and cheaper for you as you could have saved the cost of the device for 22% of your clients.

But it is not only that I can't carry your device with me everywhere, it is also that I was not asked if I wanted that "upgrade" nor I was offered any other alternative (mobile application, plastic card with keys on it, a confirmation SMS or a phone call, etc). If you had offered me some of these options and the information about the risks that each one had compared to the "greatest protection against fraud" that you claim that your device provides I could had made an informed decision and I might have traded some security for convenience. I could even had payed for an alternative option; but no, you decided I had to use your device and that was all, you pretend me to avide.

Honestly I don't think this is the behavior I want from my bank, I like to be asked about things that will impact our relationship, I want to be offered different alternatives if you think something has to change in our relationship and you just proved that's not your intention so the only thing that I can say is bye bye HSBC. I'll try with another bank, it won't be easy to find one that offers what I want, not sure if one really exists, but I know it is not you so I'll keep trying. Please make sure you prioritize my new bank's transfer request, I can't wait to close my account under your brand.

Javier Arias González