lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Being successful at Google

Very interesting entry in Piaw's blog giving tips to Noogler engineers on how to thrive at Google. And even more interesting (I hope) if you consider what was my comment to his entry:

Oops. I think I did it all wrong. I interviewed as much as I could, in three years I've been working in six different verticals (AdSense, Mobile, Distribution, YouTube, Books and Apps), I'm subscribed to lots of mailing lists, I've attended to lots of interesting tech talks, I very rarely say no when someone ask me a favor, no matter how important the project is and I am now mentoring a Noogler.
What is worst, even if I fully understand how the performance rating works, I once told my manager I didn't care about my performance score, I'm not sure about my level in the company although I know it is a number between 1 and 10 and when I once got the chance to chose my manager I told them (both my two manager candidates) I didn't really care who my manager would be or what is the vertical I'd end up working, my only question was: where am I more useful to the team?
Obviously I'm not the most successful within Google but somehow my way payed off as I count myself as one of the happiest here. It's a matter of different set of priorities I suppose.

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Javier Arias González

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  1. Javier, I noticed your comment and really liked it. I didn't find Piaw's reply to you to be on target, either -- he referred to you as unselfish, but if you are one of the happiest Googlers, how can he say you haven't been collecting the ultimate reward? In the end we're all playing for happiness, even folks who think that success on the eng ladder will bring that happiness.


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