viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

What should be the value added on an International Executive MBA

Three guys are chatting in a class break. 

One is a German entrepreneur, the second one is a venture capitalist from United States and the third one is a Spanish Google employee.

The German entrepreneur is commenting that he will try to raise €500,000 next week in a venture event in Berlin for his internet business. 

The venture capitalist telling him how venture capitalists think and he is also giving him advises and tips about how to make his business attractive to them.

The Google employee is challenging him with questions to try to understand how he is going to deal with the specifics of an internet business.

The three of them were learning. 

It was just a corridor chat in a class break. 

That's the value added I am getting in my International Executive MBA at IE (Instituto de Empresa).

A cuidarse
Javier Arias González