lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Sometimes live sucks (second part)

Eight months ago I wrote an entry in this blog under the title Sometimes live sucks.

Today I received a mail the second part of that mail:
Three months ago, the doctors told me that they will not give me any additional treatment and that they are reasonably optimistic that the Leukaemia is gone. I can truthfully say that I was looking forward to coming back to work again. When somebody leaves, they often do going away drinks, so I thought my return to the work world actually merits coming back drinks, not the least to say thank you for all the great help and support I have received from you over the last year. So, this Friday, starting at 6pm, join me at the ....

A couple of weeks ago, on my monthly check-up, my doctor cleared me for exercising and I am now even allowed to slowly resume running again. Since it all kind of started after my running the London marathon last year, my plan is to conclude this annus horribilis by participating in this year's London marathon. Supporting causes related to Leukaemia are now very dear to my heart so I will be running for Leukaemie Care. It would be great to get your support for this cause by sponsoring me on and I promise that three months from today, on April 26, I will give it my best on the streets of London.

Thanks again for your support and thank you very much in advance for your donation.
These are great news, I am delighted. There is no need to say that I already have done my donation.

A cuidarse
Javier Arias González